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Nanren East Deeds Museum
Nanrendong Deeds Museum is an exhibition hall looking at Mr. Nan's life and related articles. The museum is divided into "models of the times-the deeds of the master of the sky, Nanrendong's deeds", "preface", "the life of Nanrendong", "miniature model of the Chinese eye", "old objects display", "rest area", "nanrendong office", "library" and "south" Many display contents including Rendong's photo and accompanying text "Conclusion".
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China Sky Eye Lookout
The observation deck is 1125 meters above sea level, 450 meters from the center of the bottom of FAST, and 900 meters from the highest mountain in the south. The viewing platform is designed to stand on a floating platform. Visitors can not only feel the beauty of FAST and the surrounding mountains, but also experience the stimulation of the 100-meter floating platform, and get a panoramic view of FAST Feel the shock of the world's major scientific projects.
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The construction area of Pingtang International Astronomy Experience Hall is 5990㎡, relying on FAST construction, using the latest intelligent interactive display technology in the industry to create the world's top radio astronomy experience space. The museum is divided into two floors, the first floor is the preface hall: in the changing painting of the LED light array zenith nebula, the projection relief wall is used to trace the history of human observation of heaven and earth alternately; , Galileo Studios, Constellation Lianliankan and other popular science exhibitions; Galaxy Image Radio Astronomy Hall: Shows the models of representative radio telescopes since 1937; Nebula Exploration Astronomy Science Hall: Multimedia display screens scattered and floating, real simulation Cosmic space allows each visitor to easily walk through the vast universe and explore the mysteries of the world. Between the two floors is the Tianxiang Theater. The second floor is the astronomy exhibition area, the viewing gallery: tells the story of "the universe nurtures life, life sprouts wisdom, wisdom spawns civilization, and civilization explores the universe" and FAST observation experience.
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Tianxiang Theater
In a large dome space with a diameter of 15 meters, with a huge dome screen, a fully enclosed viewing angle, creating an immersive filming experience with unlimited reverie, it perfectly displays the unique beauty of the starry sky, interprets the unique connotations of constellations and astrological signs, and opens a fascinating, Directly hit the inner sky shocking experience.
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FAST simulation observation
Take us to explore the universe, understand the generation of radio astronomy and familiarize with the performance indexes of radio telescopes, and experience first-hand the adjustment of the FAST system's active reflection surface and feed source posture when the radio telescopes issue observation commands, simulating FAST observation scenarios and astronomers The received electromagnetic wave processing and analysis process.
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Flight Theater
The theater integrates high-tech technologies such as projection technology, curved surface fusion technology, and dynamic platform technology. It integrates the advantages of mainstream special theater equipment such as dome theater, flying theater, multi-dimensional theater, roller coaster and so on. In the realistic three-dimensional picture, you can experience unprecedented stimulation and happiness. Combined with the advanced audio and video playback system, it brings the audience a 360 ° extreme flight simulation experience and an ultimate feast of sight and hearing.
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Astronomy Space Time Tower
The astronomical space-time tower is located in the core area of ​​Pingtang Astronomical Town. It is a landmark building in the core area, integrating sightseeing, leisure and shopping. The tower is 99.999 meters high, the base radius is about 23 meters, and the tower body diameter is 9 meters. The height of the astronomical space-time tower is 99.999 meters, which symbolizes that our scientists are pursuing the most cutting-edge astronomical dreams and the noble spirit of dedication; the radius of the base is 23 meters, which means 500 meters of spherical radio telescope It took 23 years from the 1993 motion to its completion in 2016; the tower has a diameter of 9 meters. 9 is the same as the long-standing "long", expressing the vigorous development of China's astronomical cause and the unremitting spirit of mankind exploring the universe forever.
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Karst Park
The Karst Ecological Park project is located in the astronomical town of Pingtang. It is a large-scale leisure park built on the theme of karst, including parent-child activity garden, stone forest square, rock tide garden, light and shadow maze, star dream square, time square, star square, star moon The main landscapes such as the corridor, mid-level observation deck and so on. With the theme of "astronomy" and "karst", the park deepens the environment of the park. With the guiding ideology of "low intervention, humanization, fun, and parenthood", the design of the entire karst ecological park is connected. The main elements of the design are "watching the sky" and "exploring the ground".
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Bawang River Landscape Belt
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Night view of astronomical town
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