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Jade Water Golden Basin
  "Yushui Golden Basin" is located in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. "Pingtang County" is located on the east of Lungnaopo, surrounded by the Pingzhou River on the south, north and west. It overlooks the Lotus Tower Jusheng Tower and overlooks the whole county. Taoist Zhang Sanfeng traveled here and there was a hymn day: "The stone dragon turns around the sand day and night, the jade water golden basin splashes the pike." The jade water golden basin got its name. Every time the summer and autumn turn, Pingtang County will hold the water dragon festival. It is made of wicker and dragon grass, shaped like a dragon, and can be a few meters to more than ten meters long. It is fixed on two bamboo bars. According to the length of the dragon, it is led by experienced elders from different numbers of Buyi people. Go down the street and go all the way, go around.
  When the time comes, all the 24 ethnic groups in the county will be dressed in costumes, rushed to the county town, walked relatives, watched the lively, visited the market, young people will also take the opportunity to talk about love and meet each other. The dragon boat team and water dragon team in the four neighbors and eight townships should concentrate on the banks of the Pingzhou River and hold a grand opening ceremony. During the gongs and drums, with the host's order, the dragon boat team stopped on the river waved and competed hard, and the water dragon teams of each family branched into the streets and units of the county town and the courtyard of the unit to celebrate the festival. .
  Every place where water dragons are everywhere, every household will use scoops, pots or water guns to pour water from the well-prepared water tanks, splashing at the water dragons and the crowds around. This water is called auspicious water. The more it splashes, the more it splashes The more thorough, the more peaceful this year will be, the better your luck. At this time, only Pinghu Town, with a resident population of 10,000, was full of people, singing and laughing, and clamoring for a peaceful and happy life, auspicious and festive scene. The river channel of Miao'er River, 5 kilometers away from the county seat, is wide and gentle, with lush trees on both sides. There are ethnic leisure villas interspersed among them, which is a good place to experience ethnic flavor. From the Miaoerhe River to the side of the county road, there are peach trees on the hillside, which stretches into a forest. It is called "Ten Li Taoyuan": peach blossoms in spring, red clouds in the sky: the branches are lush in summer, and the chestnuts are pressed. The Jingzhou River, 15 kilometers away from the county seat, is wide, open, and steady green.
  The ancient trees on both sides are tall and lush, surrounded by green bamboos, the shadows cover the sun, and the silver mist swirls around, which is really quiet. The Buyi cottage is surrounded by mountains and water, and is scattered and scattered. The waterwheel on the shore rotates leisurely, moving and quiet, with rich customs. In time for the season, peach blossoms, plum blossoms, rape blossoms, and various wildflowers are opening up, colorful, butterflies swarming, and a few birds are crisp and tender. The main attractions and play points in this area are the "Jade Water Golden Basin" water leisure experience, the Jingzhou idyllic scenery leisure experience, and the Miaoerhe Farmhouse leisure experience.
Ya Zhou Tao
  The origin of Yazhou Pottery is located in Yazhou Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. According to the "Pingtang County Chronicle", the production of Yazhou Pottery began in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. The town has inherited more than 600 years of handicraft products, Yazhou Tao. Its glaze color is based on glass glaze, based on yellow, white, and brown. The glass glaze flows naturally during the firing process, and the temperature control is used cleverly to make the surface layer naturally fission during the cooling process. On the basis of maintaining the original simple and honest shape, it has continuously incorporated national and local characteristics. Whether it is daily household items or small and large crafts, it has high practical value, ornamental value and collection value. The products were exported to Southeast Asia and were brought to European countries by missionaries. Yazhou Pottery is known as the "exquisite" work of Guizhou ceramic art. It is one of the ten famous ceramics in China. It has won many awards at home and abroad, and has been selected as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.
Jingzhou Health Park
  Jingzhou Health Park is located in Jingzhou Village, Pingzhou Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, 13 kilometers away from the county seat. The park relies on Jingzhou's beautiful natural pastoral scenery and "mountain, water, people, and culture" resource advantages such as "hometown of poetry", with the theme of nostalgic memory, supported by ecological leisure and health care, and has invested 81.35 million yuan. , Built a project of two rivers, nostalgia memory hall, colorful garden, fishing paradise, entrance plaza, eight meter avenue, etc. The park is divided into leisure experience, farming experience, nostalgic memory, natural landscape viewing and other areas for the majority of tourists in This beautiful and ecologically harmonious tourist area is close to nature, close to the countryside, and returning to the wilderness. It is a unique modern leisure activity place to experience the traditional farming culture, cycling, fishing and other fun.
Kapu Maonan Nationality Township3
  Kapu Maonan Nationality Township is a nationality township under the jurisdiction of Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. It is the only Maonan nationality township in the country. The Maonan people have simple folk customs, rich and pure folk customs, and unique cultural backgrounds. They are an important part of the ethnic culture of Pingtang County, and have considerable potential and value. The people of the township are hospitable, with rich and colorful folk arts, and unique national characteristics such as "Monkey Encouragement", "Torch Festival", "Welcome to the New Year" and "Hanging Door Song". Town of.
Jiaqing Bingjiu Group
  The Jiaqing Bingjiu Group is located on the underground fissure zone in the middle reaches of the Pingzhou River in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. Due to the sharp drop of the groundwater level, a very large and typical karst landscape is formed. The karst basin and the river head grass dam are developed on the turning zone of the longitudinal section of the river above the crack point of the river erosion cycle. It integrates broad basins, narrow canyons, cliffs, peaks, river beaches, grasslands and pastures, showing complex changes. The hydrodynamic environment has important scientific value and tourism appreciation value. Its aerial photographs were selected into the "Chinese Karst Remote Sensing Atlas" in the 1980s. The Jiaqinggan River Valley is suspected of being an ancient glacial reef ice mortar group. The starting point of the valley is the underground outlet of the Ganhe Formation of Jiala Village, Zhemi Town, Pingtang County, and the end point is Jiacha Yanzi Cave. The section is about 7 kilometers long. Only when the upper reaches of the river soar, the water flows through this valley. The time is generally only about ten days. Due to its remoteness, the river valley remains intact, and the virgin forests on both sides are densely covered. The river bed resembles the size of ancient glaciers. There are tens of thousands of ice mortars. There are also countless "glaciers and boulders" scattered on the riverbed, which is extremely spectacular.

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