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  Zhangbu Scenic Area is located in Zhangbu Village, Zhangbu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. It is 65 kilometers away from the county town and has an area of about 10 square kilometers. There are 30 scenic spots and landscapes. It is the first national AAAA tourist scenic spot in Qiannan Prefecture. The canyon in the upper reaches of the Langma River is the main body. The canyon is 6 kilometers long, the cutting depth is 25-50 meters, and the bottom of the valley is 30-50 meters wide. Due to the occurrence of rock formations and changes in river flow, the structure of the canyon includes inclined valleys, forward valleys, and horizontal valleys. There are many cliffs and peculiar peaks and rocks on both sides of the bank. Karst caves are densely covered. The characteristics of karst karst are obvious. The geological wonders are unique and the natural scenery is charming.
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    There are seven strange landscapes called Qishan, Qishui, Qishi, Qidong, Qizhu, Qishu, and Qiyu by tourists. Tourists who came to explore the wonders have given it names such as "Tibetan Stone", "Sun Stone", "Shen Stone", and "Tianshu", among which "Qi Shi" ("Qi Shi"), the head of "Qi Qi" in Zhangbu River Valley Scenic "Tianshu") In June 2002, when the former village party secretary Wang Guofu cleaned the scenic area, he accidentally found five large letters of "Chinese Communist Party" on a large rock. After investigation and identification by scientists, most of the "Chinese Communist Party" on the "Tibetan Stone" is composed of biological fossils, including sponges, lily stems, and brachiopods. "Tibetan Stone" has no traces of artificial carving, shaping and pasting.
  The cause is the accumulation in layers with the biological remains during deposition. Through the metasomatism, calcium carbonate replaces the original components in the biological remains to form biological fossils. Due to the difference between the structure and the original rock, the biological fossils are prominent when they fall to the ground and crack along the joint surface. At the same time, the ability to resist weathering is stronger than the bedrock, so it is more prominent. The location where the "Tibetan Stone" fell just below the half-hole formed by the steep cliff on the left bank of the river played a certain role in protecting these characters. Therefore, this geological spectacle can also be called an artistic masterpiece, and its rarity can be included in the world geological wonder.
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Service Hotline:+86-0854-7316888  Add.:Tianwen Town, Pingtang, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou

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